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Sound Familiar?

The criticism of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu since the tragic events of October 7 has been well-deserved. He had been known to be extreme and self-serving and only interested in how his right-wing coalition feels about him. Those characteristics have persisted and, I believe, have shaped his war.

Netanyahu is plagued by legal troubles, which he manages to deflect and avoid as the war which he wages continues to escalate. He justifies his behavior and seems not to care how his allies react, as if they are expendable.

Does this sound familiar?

I contend this will be the state of the U.S. if Donald Trump is elected in November. He will exhibit his usual extreme, self-serving behavior with only his base and supporters in mind, with no regard for the opinions of our allies.

And Trump’s multitude of legal problems? Deflected or avoided as he reigns in chaos even worse than his first term. Not to mention those legal problems he is able to erase by simply getting elected.

I am not suggesting Trump will wage a war. Unless it serves him, that is.

He will avoid conflict in other areas of the world, as he is not plagued by the inconvenience of morality or allegiance to our constitutional ideals or commitments to our allies.

No, “Trump will just be Trump,” as people who support him are so fond of saying. That is the given.

The only question is, do we really want to be in the same position as the poor people of Israel are in right now, who in the midst of their despair and mourning have to contend with an egomaniacal leader? A leader who serves only his own interests and not theirs, while justifying his behavior with convoluted, distorted explanations and denial?

I hope not.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village