Southampton Hospital To Start Capital Campaign For New Building - 27 East

Southampton Hospital To Start Capital Campaign For New Building

author on Oct 10, 2012
Southampton Hospital announced last week that it will replace its circa-1909 facility with a new, modern medical center on the Stony Brook Southampton college campus under a new agreement with... more

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Joseph J. Intermaggio Dies January 16

Joseph John Intermaggio Jr. of Southampton died on January 16, 2020. He was 88. Born ... 27 Jan 2020 by My27east

Spirit Is Alive

On January 24, the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation hosted the ninth annual Spirit Night. It is an evening designed to showcase and celebrate the wonderful talents of our students. The Sag Harbor Youth Hoopers showed their basketball skills in scrimmages and had a parade in front of the packed gym. Congratulations to John Cottrell and his team of volunteers for building up the basketball program and coaching 200-plus children, in grades K to six, every week. The amazing performances of the national anthem by the Middle School and High School Chorus were led by Suzanne Nicoletti, Pierson’s choral teacher. They ... by Staff Writer

FOIL, Upside Down

Weary, bleary-eyed followers of the impeachment have been stymied by an impenetrable wall of withheld documents and black swaths of redaction emitting from CROFUS (the Corrupt Ruler of the Former United States) currently befouling the White House. From the depths of that deep murk, sometimes a Freedom of Information request, flickering like a firefly, appears, and in its light come revelations. That is as it should be. FOIL declares: “A free society is maintained when government is responsive and responsible to the public and when the public is aware of governmental actions. The more open a government is with its ... by Staff Writer

Facts And Fox

Lee Zeldin favors Fox News over facts and truth. On January 22, on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox, Zeldin said President Trump was required to withhold the $400 million in congressionally approved aid to Ukraine because of concerns about corruption. Zeldin ignored the facts that the Department of Defense and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had twice certified that Ukraine had made sufficient reforms and had met the anti-corruption benchmarks required to release the aid. Further, the General Accounting Office said the Trump administration violated the Impoundment Control Act (a federal law) by not releasing the approved aid to Ukraine. ... by Staff Writer

Stupidest Ever

After reading “No Conservative” [Letters, January 23], I decided to actually read another Phil Keith column. I do not often bother. Whew! “The 28th Amendment” essay [Mostly Right, January 23] is about the … all I can say is, stupidest opinion piece I have ever seen. Even the totally now-slanted, twisted and distorted New York Times opinion page would have laughed at and rejected this. I don’t even know what to call it. Louis K. Meisel Sagaponack by Staff Writer

One Representative

We are so blessed to be living on the East End of Long Island. Life is beautiful — except for our politics. To think we have a representative of one in Washington, D.C., representing the approximately 2 million people who live in Suffolk County — it is horrendous! Lee Zeldin has never represented me in any way, and I never voted for him! And he is still here representing the president instead of the people. Why are the Republicans so afraid of having a “real” trial? Gloria Reilly Southampton Village by Staff Writer

Update, And Thanks

I was riding my bike on Hill Street last Saturday morning when I fell off. The next thing I remember is two men helping me up. I think they both had beards and said they were brothers. I said I was fine, but, in fact, I was disoriented and didn’t recall what had just happened. They insisted on helping me into the passenger seat of their car and had me sit quietly until I regained my bearings. A local policeman also stopped to help. Then, the two brothers put my bike into the back of their car and, at my ... by Staff Writer

More Trump Or Not

The House Democrats presented their case. We all listened or watched or read about it to some extent. They argued that he is who he is and is not going to stop. He had put his own political interests above those of the country and must be removed from office. Ironically, it is this very behavior that has actually helped lubricate a government that needed reform. Trump challenged the status quo in Washington, D.C., from the onset of his candidacy. I agree he is guilty of being exactly who he is: an unorthodox, self-motivated, uninhibited individualist who refuses to go ... by Staff Writer

Southampton Wrestling Falls To Mattituck In Division II Dual Meet Championships

The Southampton wrestling team made its debut in the Section XI Division II Dual Meet ... by Drew Budd

Sagaponack School News, January 30

Sagaponack School Next month, students will go to Guild Hall in East Hampton to view their student artwork, as well as artwork from other school districts on the East End. Fun activities outside of the school building, including ice skating at Buckskill Winter Club and playing tennis at East Hampton Indoor Tennis, are part of the winter physical education program. In March, the students will participate in yoga at Peaceful Planet Yoga Studio in Bridgehampton. Registration for the 2020-21 school year will begin next month for Sagaponack residents entering kindergarten in September. Call 631-537-0651 for more information. The first of ... by My27east

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