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Southampton in Peril

The Liberty Gardens federal housing project in Hauppauge had 83 calls to the police in one year, averaging one in four days.

There are security guards on a 24/7 shift to quell disturbances. However, when the guards, who do not carry guns, are unable to calm disturbances, they call the police, meaning a gun is needed.

Our police cannot handle such a volume. By the way, why does Liberty Gardens need security on a 24/7 schedule? In our condo, we do not have security guards.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the proposed federal housing in Southampton, e.g. how long will the tenants be under the protection of federal housing? After protection is gone, where do the tenants go? Our teachers, fireman, police and clerks do not qualify for the low-income specifications. We are adding density without helping our local workers or community.

When protection is lifted, investors buy the building and convert it into high-priced rentals/condos. The tenants are without anywhere to live.

It’s sad to see the real estate interests pull the wool over our eyes and find ways to profit while putting Southampton in peril. This is a serious problem that we must fully investigate and stop.

Bernice Lask