Southampton Town Board Begins Looking Into Giving CPF Money To Peconic Estuary Program - 27 East

Southampton Town Board Begins Looking Into Giving CPF Money To Peconic Estuary Program

authorGreg Wehner on Aug 28, 2018
Southampton Town Board members are looking into the possibility of combining with other East End towns in giving a portion of the 20 percent of Community Preservation Fund revenues earmarked... more

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Not So Scary

In a summer punctuated by a string of incidents of sharks biting people swimming off Long Island beaches, thus causing significant concern about swimming in ocean waters here, let us turn to the person key to getting people very scared of sharks: Peter Benchley, who authored the 1974 novel “Jaws.” “Jaws,” not too incidentally, was based on a fictional town on Long Island. Benchley’s inspiration for the book was Montauk charter boat captain Frank Mundus catching a 4,550-pound great white shark in 1964. However, the 1975 movie was shot on and off Martha’s Vineyard and so had a Massachusetts setting. ... by Karl Grossman

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OLA will hold its first-ever Youth Summit for those ages 14 to 22 on Monday, August 15, at the Bridgehampton Community House, 2368 Montauk Highway, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. The summit will take place in Spanish and English, is free to all, and is limited to this age group. The summit’s focus is on adolescent emotional and mental health and access to emotional and mental health care for this age group. OLA intern Emily Lupercio, an East Hampton resident and political science major at SUNY Geneseo, is organizing this event along with OLA Executive Director Minerva Perez. As part ... 8 Aug 2022 by Staff Writer

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We called it “the Tower,” because that is exactly what it was. The Bishop family owned it. They found the abandoned windmill and rescued it for their summer camp. It stood on a rise above Great Peconic Bay near Hampton Bays, where friends and families had summer “camps,” as they were known. The Herricks and the Bishop families had been friends for eons. After my grandmother died, my grandfather married Alma Bishop, whose husband had died, too. Since they had grown up together in our small, close-knit village, Alma and Gaku were happily matched. I turned 11 in March 1965. ... by Hilary Herrick Woodward

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