Southampton Town Board Begins Looking Into Giving CPF Money To Peconic Estuary Program - 27 East

Southampton Town Board Begins Looking Into Giving CPF Money To Peconic Estuary Program

authorGreg Wehner on Aug 28, 2018
Southampton Town Board members are looking into the possibility of combining with other East End towns in giving a portion of the 20 percent of Community Preservation Fund revenues earmarked... more

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A leading figure in religion and social justice in Suffolk County, Rabbi Dr. Steven Moss, has written an inspiring book, “God Is With Me; I Have No Fear! The Spiritual Life of a Rabbi and Its Meaning for You.” Rabbi Moss was chairman of the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission for 28 years and for 20 years was the co-chair of the Suffolk County Interfaith Anti-Bias Task Force. As spiritual leader for 47 years of B’Nai Israel Reform Temple in Oakdale, he was the longest-serving rabbi at the same pulpit in Suffolk County. He served three terms as president of ... by Karl Grossman

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Don’t Feed The Animals!

A bill titled “A Local Law To Prohibit The Feeding Of Wild Animals in Suffolk County” has been introduced by County Legislator Tom Cilmi. For concerned readers with bird feeders: The feeding of songbirds would be exempt. And, as a result of comments from the North Fork Environmental Council, said Mr. Cilmi, he also intends to have the bill exempt giving food to woodpeckers and other feathered visitors who do not sing. It already exempts hummingbirds. The complaint that “precipitated” the measure involved seagulls — and a person who, on a daily basis, has been feeding them, causing flocks of ... 22 Jun 2020 by Staff Writer

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