Southampton Town Plans Event In Hampton Bays For Bullying Prevention And Awareness Month - 27 East

Southampton Town Plans Event In Hampton Bays For Bullying Prevention And Awareness Month

authorStaff Writer on Oct 10, 2017
To mark Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month, the Town of Southampton and the Southampton Town Youth Bureau will host a community event on Saturday, October 14, from 10 a.m. to... more

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The KKK On Long Island

“Eye-opening,” declared one person via the “chat” box on Zoom, about Christopher Verga’s presentation, titled “The Battle for Long Island Souls and Minds: Resistance Against the Long Island Klan.” Wrote another: “I knew about the presence of the KKK, but not to this extent.” There were many similar exclamations. “I never saw a ‘chat’ blow up with so many positive comments,” said Jill Santiago, executive director of the Suffolk County-based Center for Social Justice and Human Understanding, which sponsored the presentation. More than 150 people linked into the nearly two-hour talk, which was infused with the showing of documents and ... by Karl Grossman

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Being the creatures that we are, we tend to bend the arc of our lives toward risk. Otherwise, how would we make progress? We see a sign on a white picket fence, and it says, “Wet Paint.” The urge to touch the paint is almost overwhelming, isn’t it? We have to find out if the paint is dry, maybe just a little tacky, or, as the sign clearly says, still wet. We see a posting by an icy pond that says, “Danger! Thin Ice!” Don’t we cautiously take a step and crunch the ice under a boot? How about: “Bridge ... by Phil Keith

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When I was a teenager, many (so many) years ago, one of the greatest joys of my life was earning a starting spot on my high school’s varsity field hockey team. I loved almost everything about it — the camaraderie with my teammates, many of whom I’m still close with; the adrenaline rush of competition; the euphoric thrill of victory. What I did not like was the running. Each practice started with a mile run, a necessity when you’re playing a sport that requires constant motion. I dreaded it every day, as did the rest of my teammates. We’d beg ... 24 Nov 2020 by Cailin Riley

Community News for November 26, 2020

Public Meetings Monday, November 30 Southampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals, 5 p.m., held via ... 23 Nov 2020 by My27east

School News for November 26, 2020

Journeys Into American Indian Territory This week, Raynor Country Day School in Speonk hosted educators ... by My27east


A thunderstorm at dawn begins the week. Rain comes lashing against the house, and the rumbles can be felt through the floor. It is close. Out over the ocean, the sky flashes purple, the foreground in black light. I know what comes next: a thunderclap that makes the cozy safeness of indoors feel less so. The glass in the doors and windows vibrate in as the walls concuss. This time, the floor seems to lift as the whole house shudders in echo. During the regular growing season, I cannot enjoy thunder and lightning storms, because they can be destructive to ... by Marilee Foster

The Wind Farm’s Case

It would be the biggest offshore wind farm in New York State — more than 100 wind turbines starting 30 miles east of Montauk Point. It’s being called Sunrise Wind. A “cable bundle” containing two electric cables would be buried under the seabed and extended west from the turbines for 100 miles, making landfall in the parking lot at Smith Point County Park in Shirley, and buried underground there. The cabling would then run for 17 miles, all underground, along William Floyd Parkway and, remaining underground, along other roads, and then the Long Island Expressway, reaching the Long Island Power ... 21 Nov 2020 by Karl Grossman

My Little Book Of #Gratitude

Last week, I was at my friend Marie’s house (I changed her name, so I don’t fully embarrass her), and on her shelf was a mason jar with a handwritten label: “Gratitude Jar.” Marie told me that during the last covidian peak, one of her pod people had asked everyone to write what they were thankful for on small pieces of paper and put them in the jar. Their plan was, when this is all over, they would read the notes and relive their #gratefulness. Marie’s pod (like all of us) thought “this” would all be “over” in a matter ... by Tracy Grathwohl

Community News for November 19, 2020

Public Meetings Thursday, November 19 East Hampton Town Board, 11 a.m., held via video conference. ... 17 Nov 2020 by My27east

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