Southampton Town To Start Southern Pine Beetle Task Force - 27 East

Southampton Town To Start Southern Pine Beetle Task Force

author on Jun 29, 2016
Southampton Town officials are working on starting a task force to combat issues caused by southern pine beetles, tiny insects that wiped out thousands of trees on the South Fork... more

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Bring Back ‘Community’

These are trying times for any individual in public office. The political script may have been thrown away, but now is the time to bring the village together, with the common goal of strength, leadership, commitment and dedication. To serve as a trustee is to give an oath of commitment to the community. The election is September 15 for two open positions for Southampton Village trustee. It is an important election, as we need to bring back the concept of community to the village. It is the community that makes Southampton Village a privilege to be a part of. There ... 5 Aug 2020 by Staff Writer

Worthy Of Honor

The name of Braxton Bragg is not likely to appear on a list of top Civil War generals. Bragg is considered to be among the least competent officers of the war. He was unpopular with his men and officers, and most of the battles in which he was engaged ended in defeat. He was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, but when the Civil War began he violated his oath of allegiance to the Constitution and took up arms against his fellow Americans. He was a traitor to his country. However, in the early 1900s, it ... by Staff Writer

Good Trouble

One can struggle for years trying to be one’s best self, trying to fulfill an assignment not first enrolled or desired but taken on with a determination of integrity and excellence, with a heartfelt sincerity of unselfish gain. Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers and Malcolm X, each in their own way, were determined to right a wrong. By any means necessary. But snuffed out and gone too soon. Could it be, perhaps, they got too close to the truth? Maybe they got too much attention getting into “good trouble.” How can we turn a blind eye, not obviously seeing ... by Staff Writer

A Better Place

For the past 30 years, I have had the pleasure of calling Southampton home. What an honor it has been to live in this beautiful village and bring up my family here. I have gotten to know so many of you over the years. Whether it is as a neighbor, a parent from school, a fellow gym member, church friends, a Scout Troop 58 parent, through the Junior Fire Department, or someone I know through business, we have all worked together for the betterment of our community. If you know me, you know how much I care about the future ... by Staff Writer

The Buck Stops

So here we are, folks, in a critical health crisis — a life-and-death situation — and the town allowed an outdoor event to occur in Water Mill, which ultimately resulted in crowds assembling, no masks, no social distancing [“After Thousands Attend Water Mill Chainsmokers Concert, State Officials Decry Town’s Decision to Allow Event,”, July 27]. The idea of allowing such an event, charity or not, to occur is outrageous in the current health climate. To assume that people would abide by rules — in Southampton? Really? Mr. Supervisor, to claim that reviewing a permit is not your job is ... by Staff Writer

Strong Supporter

As a recently retired member of the Southampton Village Police Department, past president of the Police Benevolent Association and a lifelong resident of Southampton, I’d like to express my support for Zach Epley and his candidacy for Southampton Village trustee. I’ve known Zach for well over 10 years and can say without a doubt that he is extremely dedicated to his family, as well as his community. In addition to his role as director of support services at Seafield Center, he’s a husband and father of four, a volunteer with the Southampton Fire Department, has served on the Village Planning ... by Staff Writer

The Other Southampton

August 15, 2020, will mark the 600th anniversary of The Mayflower sailing from Southampton, England, and its historic voyage to North America. It may be of some interest to the people of Southampton, Suffolk County, USA, to know a little about the namesake town in the U.K. from which their own town may have taken its name, and of its Anglo American links. Southampton sits at the head of a waterway and is a city in the county of Hampshire. It was first settled by the Romans, who named it Cluasentium. Around 650 AD, Saxon invaders from Northern Europe arrived, ... by Staff Writer

Don’t Defund Police

Last month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration disbanded the plainclothes unit that helped to keep guns off the streets. The 600 officers were reassigned to other duties within the Police Department. Earlier this month, Mayor de Blasio announced that he plans to cut the Police Department’s budget by over $1 billion. The money will go to improving social programs. This defunding will hurt the poorest areas of New York City. Since January 1, murders rose 21 percent, shootings are up 46 percent, and shooting victims up 53 percent. In my opinion, rather than defunding the police, the ... by Staff Writer

Effort Afoot To Piece Together What Happened At Concert

New York State is investigating Southampton Town for possibly violating guidelines to prevent the spread ... by Stephen J. Kotz

In Your Neighborhoods, August 6

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the East End has once again shown itself as a community ... by My27east

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