Southampton Yacht Club Celebrating Its 75th Anniversary - 27 East

Southampton Yacht Club Celebrating Its 75th Anniversary

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John Halsey

John Halsey



 Sandy Griffin

Sandy Griffin

authorErin McKinley on Jul 2, 2013
At 7 years old, Tim Rumph loved the feeling of the sea air on his face as he learned the ins and outs of sailing with the members of the... more

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Quoth The Raven

The trees above the chicken yard are empty of all their leaves, but for now nearly every twig supports a black bird. As successive birds come swirling in, all the trees in the immediate neighborhood are filled like stadium bleachers. This is not just a visual trick — how the trees are leafed, if sparsely, by the gleaming flap of feathers. Their audio is equally awesome, with every bird emitting a series of whistles and cries. They are 2,000 noisy spectators, maybe more, and as I stand there trying to think of metaphors for the noise, their collective heckle drives ... 22 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

In Another World

In the interval between writing the last column and writing this one, I spent almost all my time in another world, 30 miles away. It was the Westhampton Care Center, a combination nursing home, center for Alzheimer’s disease patients, and, for me, a rehabilitation center. I was there to rebuild my left hip, which had been replaced with titanium — the old one was bone on bone, and I wanted to be able to walk normally again. I’m home now, recuperating from the recuperation, so to speak; these things take time. But while I was in Westhampton, they gave me ... by Anthony Brandt

Actors And Friends Explore The Famous Relationship And Rift Between Freud And Jung

If you ask Bridgehampton’s Harris Yulin about his partnership with fellow actor Stacy Keach, he’ll ... by Annette Hinkle

Community News, November 25

MONTAUK Holiday Market on Small Business Saturday Shipwreck Montauk will host a holiday market on ... 19 Nov 2021 by Staff Writer

Suffolk Closeup

The Long Island Power Authority will hold public hearings this coming Monday, November 29, on what is being called a “solar tax” by solar power advocates. LIPA is following up on a plan by the New York State Public Service Commission to require solar energy customers to pay what the PSC has named a “customer benefit contribution.” LIPA says in a fact sheet it posted online that “LIPA’s staff supports the PSC’s approach and has proposed to adopt the new CBC in our service territory.” LIPA adds: “Customers with pre-existing onsite [solar] generation will be unaffected by the new charge.” ... by Karl Grossman

School News, November 25

Westhampton Beach Honor Society Inductions During a candlelighting ceremony on November 17, 16 Westhampton Beach ... by Staff Writer

A Tidy Lawn

It’s leaf blowing season. Not the gas kind, not the electric kind, but the tempest kind: wind. Wind is invisible. We can only see it by seeing what it carries or pushes. The cold front literally rolled over us, dipping dark and fatal clouds, testing the air for a twirl, the end of what had been lovely day. Weather rightfully scares us. Even with forecasting, it can be sudden and severe. “Did the sky turn green?” my Midwestern friend, unimpressed, wants to know. Yellow, was one report, when the sand from a large job site was swept, billowing upward, by ... 16 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

What Are You Watching?

I have become obsessed with television. I can’t wait to get to my couch after dinner. And when I’m not watching TV, I’m talking about it to anyone who will listen. Every conversation becomes: “What are you watching?” We recently went out to dinner in Amagansett with friends and immediately started talking about “Succession.” It could be because one of the stars of the show was eating at the bar (even in late October, the Hamptons are still hot), but I think we would have gotten to it sooner or later. Sometimes I use TV viewing to distract my two ... 15 Nov 2021 by Tracy Grathwohl

The Red Wave

“This is a red wave!” said Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini of Babylon as he conceded on election night in his run for reelection against Ray Tierney of Holtsville, the Republican challenger who ran a fierce race against him. Indeed, the 2021 election was marked by a Republican wave (with some exceptions) in Suffolk County. The campaign signs are almost all gone now, but there are some important political lessons still to be absorbed. One involves what has become the proverbial “gorilla in the room” in Suffolk County politics and elections: the enormous power of police unions. A big and ... by Karl Grossman

Community News, November 18

Early Deadline for Submissions Please note that deadlines for the November 25 edition are earlier ... by Staff Writer

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