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Standing as One

After the debacle at the November Hampton Bays Civic Association’s meeting, when the police were called and members with unpaid dues were not allowed to vote for the HBCA board, in violation of the civic’s own bylaws, the personae non grata were finally allowed in. It looked like the tension in the air was too thick to be cut by the sharpest knife in town.

Things began settling down — and someone brought up the Bel-Aire Motel. A polite and respectful discussion ensued, and it soon became clear that, despite any differences, on this subject people did not want anything built on that site, with the possible exception of a boat ramp. The objections were almost uniformly environmental.

Soon, a motion was made and seconded that the HBCA would recommend to the town that the Bel-Aire property remain vacant once the old building was torn down. All those in favor were asked to stand — and suddenly the room was standing together virtually as one. A true miracle.

I am so proud of the people of Hampton Bays. Despite everything, we have discovered our voice and are learning how to use it.

Marion Boden

Hampton Bays