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Standing Up to Status Quo

This June, Southampton Village residents will have the opportunity to choose the direction of our village. The choice is simple. Does the village want a 5-0 super-majority controlled and backed by one powerful, wealthy group and association? Or does it want a variety of opinions led by an independent mayor who looks out for all of the village residents?

The decision is simple. The mayor has taken substantial steps to revitalize the downtown, create a sewer district map and plan, form fiscally responsible budgets that reduce property taxes and pay down debt, and earn record grant money for the environment.

He also has led the update to the village’s comprehensive master plan, has requested a formulation of a downtown landscaping plan, helped save the movie theater through an arts and culture district, and has helped improve quality of life throughout the village.

Mayor Jesse Warren also led the village and the East End in 2020 throughout the pandemic, where he showed excellent communication skills.

Most importantly, he has shown poise, patience and composure throughout ongoing attacks against him by the trustees simply because he eloquently debates the issues and does not always agree with the status quo.

For example, he stood up against the trustees when they appointed an unqualified provisional chief of police who had not passed the civil service test and who had no local ties. He also stood up against the trustees when they awarded the village administrator’s brother-in-law the Coopers Beach concession. And he has led the charge to eliminate lifetime benefits for current and future part-time elected officials, despite trustee opposition.

It is my hope that the village residents reelect Mayor Jesse Warren for his leadership, accomplishments and courage throughout his four-year tenure. Electing new trustees Greg Centeno and Palmer Hudson would give him some much needed help.

Please vote.

Franklin Horowitz

Southampton Village