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Stay Involved

I want to thank my neighbors for bringing back sanity to our election process in the Village of Southampton. Maybe we will be an example to others: Fear and dirty tactics don’t work here. Hopefully, this message will spread around the country. I know that is wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be nice?

Now, let’s talk about the future. We must hold the mayor’s feet to the fire — not that just he needs it, all leaders need it. We have to stay involved in our community. In the past, our government was like a club, with favors granted. Yet our village has remained safe and, for the most part, true to itself.

The police have been an essential part of that. So why were they used as a pawn in this election? Because some very special interests decided that we would either not get involved or not care. They also didn’t consider the younger constituents.

Michael Irving lost not because he isn’t a good man but because he let others play him, and he showed a lack of sound judgment in the process. The police are not to be vilified by a report; they deserve the respect they have earned. Some wages may be out of sync with reality, and those may need to be modified. If it’s true that the salary of the chief of police is extremely high, then he should agree to a substantial cut in pay or be replaced.

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village