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Stellar Public Service

It’s official: By the time you read this letter, hopefully, the final count of the 2021 election will be certified. Contrary to the misinformation of the Republican insurrectionist party, the elections in Southampton Town, and in the rest of country, were free of any measurable degree of fraud.

At the end of some elections, new people emerge to fill positions vacated by incumbents. In the Town of Southampton, three incumbents who decided not to stand for reelection will be leaving office. These three individuals worked long and hard hours to serve the public interest, and they deserve our recognition and our thanks.

Eric Shultz has the longest career in public service. Eric’s career began at the age of 17, when he was appointed to the Town Conservation Board in 1972. Over the following years, Eric served in many positions, including the elected position of Southampton Town Trustee. He is retiring from this position as president of the Southampton Town Trustees. Additionally, Eric had a full-time career with the New York City Fire Patrol, where he served as vice president of the Uniformed Fire Patrolman’s Union.

Alex Gregor served three elected terms as Southampton Town highway superintendent. As Southampton Town homeowners, motorists and taxpayers, we have only high praise for the work Alex and his crew have performed in keeping town roads clean and in good repair, all within budget.

Julie Lofstad began her term in office, as a councilperson, during a tumultuous time. Even though this was her first elected town office, Julie rose to the occasion and met every challenge with great professionalism.

Best wishes to all.

Stephen Ring

Barbara Ring

Hampton Bays