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Stepped Back

“Well, Francis, there you go again,” spewing your vitriol at poor Mr. Piazza, myself and the president [“He Stands Alone,” Letters, April 16]. I can see you are using your time constructively.

At an unprecedented time of universal suffering and difficulty, I respectfully stepped back and deliberately chose not to pursue political opining. Everyone will have a chance to make their political hay later this summer and fall.

I know, however, that the Trump haters never rest. They live in a hell of their own design, a place the sun can never reach while they invent new and creative ways to turn any narrative into an attack on Trump, Republicans and so on.

They are so self-assured and righteous in their indignation. I feel for them. I can, because they are Americans. They love this country as much as I do — just differently.

We are all going through this together. Let’s save the invective for the postmortem. Let’s help each other and root for our government officials to succeed, as we do our health care workers and first responders.

It was a beautiful day today. My magnolia tree is blooming and, in spite of the pollen, I am glad to witness this spring in all its grandeur.

Ed Surgan



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