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Sticker Scofflaws

The use (or misuse) of handicapped parking stickers is becoming epidemic. Many people use the sticker of a deceased relative, a spouse, or a friend. Some people even “lend” their sticker to someone when they are driving to a place where it may be difficult to park.

The time has come to finally address the situation with simple common sense. The person the sticker belongs to should have his or her photo on the sticker. If that person is not driving or a passenger in the vehicle, the fine should be substantial.

When the tag is issued, a simple photo is taken and laminated on the sticker. If a person’s disability prohibits them from having their picture taken by the town, a photo could be included with that recipient’s other information — photo ID, doctor’s letter, etc.

Certainly, the police would not be expected to check on every parked car with a sticker. However, the possibility of being checked and a very substantial fine would certainly discourage some of the offenders.

Too often, those in need of handicapped parking spaces are denied access. This is a problem that needs to be addressed, and a situation where a picture is worth a thousand words.

Maureen Steigerwald

Hampton Bays