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Stop Attacking Us

I was disappointed to see yet another Press editorial that has tried to divide our community, this time in regard to the proposed Heart of the Hamptons facility [“Heartbreaking,” Editorial, Eastern Edition, August 26].

Although the proposed food pantry is in the middle of a historic and dense residential neighborhood, you actually state that those of us who think that Meeting House Lane is not an appropriate site for a facility with 4,000 clients and that serves over 200,000 meals a year lack “compassion.” What is it about the editorial board that you are constantly demeaning and insulting people who disagree with your personal agendas?

How is this an appropriate use in a residential zoned area in which there is already too much traffic, with Meeting House Lane and Toylsome Lane already backed up every day? There is also little to no parking on the surrounding streets, and there are houses next to and behind and across from the former ambulance station. If zoning is not to prohibit such uses then what is zoning for?

Why shouldn’t the concerns and objections of those of us who have houses and apartments near the “barn” be taken seriously without The Press saying that we are “NIMBY”?

The Press no longer stands for, or represents, the interests of those of us who live in and love this village, and I request — as someone who worked every single week in a soup kitchen for 25 years — that you stop attacking those of us who care for this community but think differently than all of you.

Walter L. Deane