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Strong Legacy

I am always happy and proud to read information about Oscar Bunn and the golf facility for which he is named, and how it is being enjoyed by the Shinnecock people [“USGA Unveils Oscar Bunn Golf Facility,” Sports & Outdoors, September 24].

Oscar Bunn was my great-great-uncle, brother of my great-grandfather Charles Sumner Bunn. I was not able to be present for the festivities, but I did provide the PGA with a lot of photographs and oral histories a few years ago from my grandmother Alice Osceola Bunn Martinez.

I always found it interesting that, for having been such a young professional golfer in such early years of the 20th century, his thriving career allowed him to play both in the United States and South America. Among Native Americans, he was indeed unique.

It was unfortunate that he passed away at a relatively young age. But his strong legacy continues into the future.

David Bunn Martine

Shinnecock/Montauk-Nednai-Chiricahua Apache

Shinnecock Reservation


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