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Struck Out

Yes, it’s true: No East Hampton Town Board members or Town Trustees showed at Truck Beach. Not one currently elected official showed again.

For the second time, I showed support, representing me personally and our ticket of Walles, Aman, Karpinski.

It was great to see this act of civil disobedience continued. It is still a disgrace to this community when the town won the court case years ago then did not immediately start eminent domain proceedings. They did not file any quitclaim deed. They took a shot at it all and struck out. This would have protected and preserved centuries-old rights.

Citations were issued this time to those who defied the court order. Will they now get the day in court they seek?

We stand with our fishermen, baymen, locals. Everyone who resides in this community. “We are the community”: Walles, Aman, Karpinski.

Thank you for your time. On to Election Day.

Joseph Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a Republican and Conservative candidate for Town Council — Ed.