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Structural Changes

As an LGBTQ+ activist and queer person, Pride Month is a time for reflection for me.

In remembrance of the work of early queer rights leaders like Henry Gerber, Bayard Rustin, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, I also take the time to make sure that my goals as an activist still align with what our nation’s LGBTQ+ community needs and demands are.

Though federal elections are important, who we vote into local and state offices allows us to feel the immediate impact of our political action.

As New Yorkers, we need to further the progressive movement, steering away from settling for any Democrat the establishment offers. We need to elect better Democrats who are for the people because they are of the everyday people.

We not only need to kick our current conservative state senator out of office, we also must avoid electing a self-interested moderate who does the bidding of their party and special-interest groups.

Queer rights are human rights, and queer policy is progressive policy. I support progressive policy not only because it uplifts the queer community but also because it supports all of us. I have worked with and supported many political campaigns toward a variety of different offices. Until recently, I had yet to see a candidate with both the comprehensive policy detail and the genuine interest in serving the people as Skyler Johnson holds.

Let me make clear the legislative positions of Skyler Johnson that you deserve to know, rather than the blanket, insubstantial statements the rest of the candidates seem to believe is enough:

If you believe New Yorkers deserve the top-quality, universal health care of the New York Health Act, Skyler Johnson is your candidate.

If you believe we need an immediate overhaul of our water infrastructure, because clean drinking water should not be up for debate, Skyler Johnson is your candidate.

If you believe we need a bold advocate in our State Legislature who will make sure that vacant homes are seized and brought up to code for the purpose of affordable housing, Skyler Johnson is your candidate.

If you believe the Hate Crimes Task Force needs to be expanded, because it’s 2020 and bigotry towards immigrants, indigenous people, the black community, and LGBTQ+ people can no longer be tolerated, Skyler Johnson is your candidate.

I strongly encourage you to visit and see for yourself the depth of the plans Skyler wants to make a reality for New Yorkers.

Voting is crucial, especially during stressful times like these. No more inaction, no more Band-Aids on issues that need large reform. Let’s vote for the structural change that we need now and for future generations to come.

Max Micallef

Sag Harbor


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