STYLEHAMPTON: Martha's 'Thirst Trap' Moment - 27 East

STYLEHAMPTON: Martha’s ‘Thirst Trap’ Moment

author on Jul 28, 2020
It was the talk of the internet last week: an Instagram selfie of 78-year-old domestic icon Martha Stewart, emerging from her Lily Pond Lane swimming pool in full makeup, hair... more

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There is no easy way to dig dahlia bulbs out of Sagaponack’s heavy dirt. To date, the best tools are a four-wheel-drive tractor with the “mulch lifter.” The finish work is done with a potato fork — and a person younger than myself. For all their show above the ground, the dahlia is doubly busy beneath the earth. One tuber, planted in May, weighed a couple of ounces; what we dig in November weighs nearly 15 pounds. My co-worker staggers backward as he begins to stand. Bent over, he has finally freed the intact clump by hand, and because he ... 21 Nov 2022 by Marilee Foster

VIEWPOINT: After the CHF? Just Get Out of the Way

By Michael Daly Thanks to the many East End community members who voted yes to form the Community Housing Fund in the towns of Southold, Shelter Island, East Hampton and Southampton — all four towns that had it on the ballot on November 8. That demonstrates that voters clearly see the need for community housing to help protect our fragile infrastructure. Even if you didn’t vote for it, you’ll benefit from it. That’s democracy. We recognize that good schools rely on teachers. Sound first responder organizations rely on firefighters and EMTs. Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices rely on health care ... by Michael Daly

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By Edward Adler The Hamptons has become a movie desert. And the drought seems to be spreading. Going out to dinner and seeing a movie was a way to socialize and bond with family and friends. Seeing a film in a theater was the perfect date. Now, instead of coming out together, people are watching films at home, and the experience of sharing with others has narrowed. Sadly, the communal experience of going to the movies has almost been lost. And our local theaters are disappearing. The rickety old theater in Westhampton has been closed a long time and is ... 18 Nov 2022 by Edward Adler

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From Potato Farmer to Hall-of-Famer

He grew up on a potato farm in Bridgehampton and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His statistics are outstanding, beginning with a batting average of .512 when he played for Bridgehampton High School — meaning he got a base hit every second time he batted. A coach’s dream. His list of records seems endless. He played for one Major League team, the Boston Red Sox, for 23 years. He was selected to play in 18 All-Star Games, and was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1989, the first year he became eligible. He ... by Jim Marquardt

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Looking for Clues

I am not the first trespasser this morning. Where the road becomes sand and ends, there are deep tire tracks leading onto the beach. It takes me a moment to realize the wooden fence is gone. I know I am not technically trespassing, but when I do walk past and see the lumber tangled there, it emphasizes, just as the intact fence had, the line that is being held between man-made and ocean-hewn. Until a few years ago, there was no barrier at the end of Gibson Lane, and the access to the beach was often treacherous. Hardened gullies, deep ... 15 Nov 2022 by Marilee Foster

So What Happens Now?

There are still races around the country that remain undecided, but with the Democrats keeping the Senate seats in Arizona and Nevada, they will retain control of the Senate. This is a very disappointing outcome for Republicans, whose “red wave” turned into, as Seth Myers called it, a “pink trickle.” Still, there is the Georgia race, and Republicans will hold their noses as they pour more money into Herschel Walker’s campaign. The Reverend Raphael Warnock must be astonished and dismayed that he could not get over 50 percent of the vote against a truly unqualified and despicable candidate. It is ... 14 Nov 2022 by Tom Clavin