STYLEHAMPTON: Martha's 'Thirst Trap' Moment - 27 East

STYLEHAMPTON: Martha’s ‘Thirst Trap’ Moment

author on Jul 28, 2020
It was the talk of the internet last week: an Instagram selfie of 78-year-old domestic icon Martha Stewart, emerging from her Lily Pond Lane swimming pool in full makeup, hair... more

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Community News for January 14, 2021

Montauk Renewable Energy and the South Fork Wind Farm Concerned Citizens of Montauk will host ... 12 Jan 2021 by My27east

Ins And Outs

Last week, and maybe yet again, our highest institutions of law are under literal siege. When I sit to write the “In and Outs” for the coming year, it is a rambling fantasy and not an act of observation or even statistics. My annual tally goes alphabetically but not consecutively. Trends in Architecture In: We finally have small houses and “glamping” tents to accommodate the occasional gathering or art collection. Also in “container homes,” homes made from shipping containers. Out: We have the large and excessive use of space. Trends in Exercise I love this part of living in Sagg. ... by Marilee Foster

A Dark, Dark Stain

“A Single Day Shakes … One Nation to the Core,” said one front-page headline. As the attack by rioters on the Capitol shook the nation, it also shook this area and this state — hard. As Rob Colarco, the presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, declared: “I watched with shock and horror as the United States Capitol was stormed by rioters today … This deadly attack on a national institution … is an assault on our country and what we stand for.” Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “The cornerstone of our democracy is the peaceful transfer of power. We must ... 11 Jan 2021 by Karl Grossman

The Bars We Miss The Most

Raise your hand if you’ve heard from officialdom recently, “But what can we do to make sure the bars survive the pandemic?” You haven’t, I’d be willing to bet! And, yet, what would our communities be without our gathering places, our sports-viewing emporiums, our “God-I-need-to-sit-back-and-bang-back-a-cold-one-with-a-few-people-who-get-why-this-is-important” lifelines? I have some bona fides in commenting on this topic, having ranked the best bars on the South Fork for four different publications (talk about being typecast!). It is a role I take seriously. I expect I will go to my grave arguing that bars represent the greatest — because, the truest — reflection ... by Tim Motz

The Memoir Of A Slave Who Freed Himself

An African American slave who became known as Venture Smith related the memory of his years in the United States, providing rare insight into the hard life and incredible resourcefulness of such a man in 18th century America. He called his memoir “A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, a Native of Africa, but Resident Above 60 Years in the United States of America, Related by Himself.” I read his story some years ago and wondered whether it could be taken literally, or whether it was cooked up in Smith’s imagination. My doubts abated when I came across ... by Jim Marquardt

Community News for January 7, 2021

Public Meetings Thursday, January 7 East Hampton Village Board, 11 a.m. work session, held via ... 5 Jan 2021 by My27east

A Conspiracy Of Dunces

Among my friends on Facebook are several who are active supporters of Donald Trump and are ready to defend his presidency to the bitter end (which, thank goodness, is coming soon — or at least I hope so). I have given up trying to reason with them. Sadly, their minds are made up, and there is nothing I or anyone else can do to get them to see reason. Like someone who’s drowning, they will grasp at any branch or life preserver, trying desperately to cling to their wild conspiracies. And for what? Donald Trump does not care for one ... by Phil Keith

Itching For A Fight

We thought it would be smooth sailing. She and I have tackled many road trips: a farm-related emergency repair run to Pennsylvania, new equipment in Delaware, or merely my father’s passion for antique engines — we’ve driven. Through the middle of the night or with dawn slowly in the rearview mirror. I should say, my sister has driven. She, like my father, is extremely competent in maneuvering a large truck and trailer. She knows how to get from point A to B in the quickest amount of time, and she’s not speeding. This time, it was not smooth sailing. We ... by Marilee Foster

VIEWPOINT: A Farewell Message From State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle

By Kenneth P. LaValle I sit to write this statement with a heart full of gratitude to the residents of the 1st Senatorial District for their unwavering trust in me, and their commitment to the many goals we have achieved together throughout the years. A famous proverb teaches us that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Your support from the beginning of my tenure allowed me to take that first step. But just as every journey has a beginning, it must also have an end, and it is with a tremendous sense of pride and ... 4 Jan 2021 by Kenneth P. LaValle

The Idea Of Public Power

The Long Island Power Authority will decide in March whether to continue having an outside private company provide electric service — so far, it has used KeySpan, National Grid and now PSEG — or become a true public power utility and supply the electricity itself. Eyed as a model for LIPA when it was established by the Long Island Power Act of 1985 was the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in California. SMUD is a well-run true public power utility, “the nation’s sixth-largest community-owned electric utility,” it notes. It serves 1.6 million customers, a customer base comparable to LIPA’s. And, importantly, ... by Karl Grossman

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