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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2061019

Subverting the Rules

The attempt by Mike Anthony to co-opt the law-and-order high ground as a major accomplishment for his beloved Southampton Democrat Party is hard for me to grasp [“Mature Leadership,” Letters, December 8]. Any Democrat initiative in law enforcement on a state or national level invariably produces less law and order, not more of it. Locally, I wasn’t aware of an anti-crime initiative out of Southampton Town Hall.

Yet, Mr. Anthony’s comments seem to imply that because we didn’t experience the anarchy in our streets here in Southampton that the cities of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C. and New York City did that somehow we were doing something different and wonderful here.

Rubbish. Democrats got swept on Long Island because the cancer of lawlessness was spreading eastward, and independents wanted it stopped. I hope the hand you are patting yourself and your party on the back with recovers from its virtue signaling.

Dr. Paula Angelone, it makes me wonder where you were during the years the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi were in control of the House of Representatives [“Adults in the Room,” Letters, December 8]. Did we all not observe the Democrats relentlessly hold congressional hearings at every opportunity to impugn the former president?

Adam Schiff held his kangaroo court, sometimes in public and sometimes secretly. Proof of Russian collusion was sworn by Congressman Schiff to be in his possession. This turned out to be a complete lie. But impeachment proceedings and investigations based on less and less proceeded unimpeded by actual grounds for action.

In short, Democrats have done little else but turn one branch of government against another. That is the wisdom and maturity they have delivered in lieu of an ability to actually govern.

To whine on about how the Republicans will bring only chaos with their ascension to control of the gavel is delusional. You claim to hate a three-ring circus, and yet it was the preferred entertainment provided month after month by Ms. Pelosi.

No, in my lifetime, I have watched Democrats subvert the rules of fair play. They were the ones who politicized the Supreme Court. They were the party that abandoned the filibuster and were warned that it would come back to haunt them — and it did. They were the party that, after losing to Donald Trump, made it their sole purpose to impeach him, caring nothing about the precedent it set. Now they continue to attempt to criminally prosecute a former president, not caring a whit about how we are descending into third world status along the way.

Just spare me your ignorance, if possible.

If Republicans need to vent, as you can see, they have their reasons.

I shudder at what our young people take from all this.

Ed Surgan