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Such Chutzpah!

The election is over, and Joe Biden and the Democrats have called for all Americans to “unite” and “come together as one country,” and that “it is time to put aside political partisanship,” and that President Trump should accept it and leave office “gracefully.”

Never in my entire 91 years have I ever heard of a better example of the Jewish word “Chutzpah”! I guess they were all deaf, dumb and blind as to how they reacted to the 2016 election.

Joe Biden, plus the Democrat leadership, must have all been in the basement for a long time. Remember, they started trying to get rid of Trump even before he took office and spent the next 3½ years ungracefully and hatefully trying to impeach him with anonymous and false charges during a very nasty inquisition, which cost us over $30 million in taxpayer dollars. What a complete hoax!

And now they want the Republicans to become “patriots” and to gracefully fall in and accept Biden’s election.

I don’t think that we Republicans will behave like vengeful little children for a long time as they did.

And I would add that Joe Biden, a 47-year professional politician, with no real accomplishments, was only elected because our very biased major media and the press (like Newsday and The New York Times) have become the voice of the Democrat Party. They have attacked President Trump since he was elected and printed false news, like the immigrant children story and photo showing them in Trump’s cages, when it was actually taken during President Obama’s tenure. And when Trump added to Obama’s wall, it was called “immoral.” And they were silent about the infamous story about how Joe enriched his family, especially son Hunter, which will remain as the biggest financial scandal in all American history.

Personally, I hope Joe will be a successful president, and stop violent protesters, looters and police de-funding, and reject communism, and eliminate sanctuary cities, stop illegal immigration, keep our military well-equipped, bring back a super economy, and “Make America Great Again”!

Peter W. Cuthbert

East Moriches


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