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Support Needed

Support Needed

During these crazy times in Southampton Village, I stress the importance of not forgetting about our police dispatchers. These men and women work day and night, 365 days a year, answering 911 and nonemergency calls from members of the community. They are responsible for getting your information to the police officers, ambulance and fire department in an expedient manner — and they do an amazing job.

Now these people’s jobs are at risk because of misinformation. One of the “major” issues present concerning the police dispatch is their overtime. Let’s not forget, last year, the same dispatchers were begging the village to hire more employees due to being three dispatchers short during the summer season. Many of these employees were working double shifts to cover the shortage, yet they still provided the same excellent service.

One cannot complain about employees working overtime when they were refused the necessary staff for months. These people are local, they have families to support, they have mortgages/rent, they are our friends and family. A lot more is at stake than just jobs.

This is your community, and we need to use our voices to help each other. Let’s show support to those who support us during our most difficult times.

Casey Lockard

North Sea