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Symbol Of Vision

I own a house in Southampton Village and for years have seen a parcel of land, an empty expanse of lawn, bordering Nugent Street and Windmill Lane. I propose the following improvement to that parcel:

Transform that area of lawn and strengthen its environmental impact by reducing the lawn, not eliminating it, and planting a small grove of native trees, such as white oak, black cherry and American basswood.

Planting native trees is a proven, ecological solution to halting the decline of our native pollinators. Native trees (and plants) are essential in increasing the population of our bees, butterflies, birds and other fragile, native East End species. I know Southampton Village has embarked on a tree planting initiative.

Lawns are of no use environmentally — they offer almost no habitat for our important beneficial species. Planting native trees creates the environmentally healthy habitat our pollinators need. A small grove of trees will transform the lawn into an attractive, memorable green landmark in the village. In addition, as drivers enter and leave Southampton Village, the landscape will be seen as a symbol of Southampton Village’s far-sighted vision and its dedication to a healthy and green environment.

Perhaps local nurseries could donate the trees with plaques thanking them for their generous support.

I hope we can all help to make this idea become a reality.

Susan Skoorka



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