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Talking Trash

Noyac is the jewel of Southampton Town, known for its beautiful beaches, ponds, sunsets, hiking trails and amazing volunteers.

Members of the Noyac Civic Council participated in the Great East End Clean-Up on April 23. The following volunteers must be recognized for their outstanding efforts in cleaning up sections of Noyac Road, Trout Pond and Circle Beach: Rich Ben, Elfie Neuman, Matt Burns, Maryann Murphy, Marianne Terrigno, Chuck Neuman, Lawrence Leek, Marguerite Basti, John Kirrane, Carolyn Kirrane, Bridget Kirrane, Janet Grossman and John Arendt.

This year brought new findings: White Claw seems to be the beverage of choice, based on the number of empty cans that the volunteers picked up, beating out Bud and Coors. More disposable masks were picked up than plastic bags, empty cigarette packs and food wrappings.

One lucky volunteer found a large sum of cash, used it to make a donation to her local church, and bought several lottery tickets with her findings. We wish her luck.

One group picked up a ton of electrical wires. Someone found a stray dog wandering around Trout Pond and found its rightful owner.

The Noyac Civic Council wants to thank Fred, the Highway Department truck driver, who assisted us with picking up the 42 bags of trash we collected.

We are forever thankful that so many Noyac residents take pride in our hamlet.

Elena Loreto


Noyac Civic Council