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Tangible Mark

The most critical qualities for a public servant to possess are a desire and willingness to serve. Gina Arresta exemplifies these qualities.

She has left a tangible mark on our village community, not only as our trustee and deputy mayor but as a dedicated, decades-long contributor of her time via volunteer work. Some of her activities include and are not limited to the following: Homeowners Association Board, Parrish financial and pastoral committees, Southampton School District financial advisory committee, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, and Boy Scout Troop 58.

She approaches challenges with skill and composure, handling difficult problems efficiently and in a straightforward manner. She is accessible to constituents and works to engage various stakeholders in order to secure the best outcome.

Gina’s commitment to our community extends far beyond her role in Village Hall. At the Basilica of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, she serves on the Liturgy Committee and co-chairs the annual parish “Tent Party,” which is an event that brings our community together in celebration and support of the church. Her leadership of this event has made it a cornerstone of our parish life. It is through this event that I have had the pleasure to know Gina for several years, and I am continually impressed by her skills, efforts and commitment to Southampton.

Community service is a family tradition in the Arresta household, as both of her sons have served with the Southampton Junior Fire Department and are active members of their church.

Gina Arresta embodies the spirit of community service and dedication. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to our village and its residents make her a truly valuable asset.

Thank you for your consideration to cast a vote for Gina Arresta. Experience, integrity and results on Friday, June 21.

Deirdre McDonald