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Thanks for Nothing

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t one of the most important pillars of the Democratic Party environmental preservation? It is one of the reasons I registered as a Democrat.

However, two Democrats appointed to the Southampton Town Planning Board, Greg Catalanotto and Tom Neely, just approved one of the largest and most destructive developments in the history of Southampton Town [“Southampton Town Planning Board’s Split Vote Approves East Quogue Golf Resort Project,”, December 14]. One even shamelessly implored the developer to promise to keep their word and ensure that our drinking water is protected for the sake of his children.

It is no wonder that both of these men lost their last political bids by large numbers. They are clearly not the leaders we need in Southampton.

The Democrats don’t need any more “yes men” who cave to big money. They need those courageous enough to stand for the values of their party — or they should change parties.

I intend to.

Thank you for nothing, gentlemen.

Susan Kearns

East Quogue