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That’s a Relief

I’m not talking about the election and the non-red wave. It’s the fresh air I can breathe again. It’s the pride in America I nearly lost.

This election was terrifying, but all the pundits were wrong. The people came out to vote in unprecedented numbers and said “no” to Donald Trump and his clones.

Yes, people are the most potent power on earth. When our democracy works, there is hope in the world.

Look at Ukraine — the people demonstrate that every day. Volodymyr Zelenskyy would not listen to a conniving Trump, and his people will not give in to Vladimir Putin.

We can’t rest on our laurels. We must find a way of enrolling all those who disagree with us. They are Americans, too. Remember your friends who supported Trump; don’t rub it in, but try to rekindle those relationships.

Besides that, we have another job: to help our elected officials in the House and Senate pick good, strong leaders, not those who sway with the wind, like Kevin McCarthy. Then, with good leadership in both parties, our democracy can get things done.

Lastly, remember Gumby? No matter how many times you hit him, he kept on standing. That is Trump. The only difference is that he has a lot of followers. All we and the media can do is stop listening.

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village