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The Beauty Of Birds

Why not bequeath a lifelong appreciation for birdwatching to the next generation? We teach our children woodshop and pottery, and contemptible games like dodgeball — why not give them a lifelong gift that will give them an even greater appreciation for our threatened environment?

I have done the math, and it will only cost each taxpayer $100 to send every sixth-grader to the Cornell School of Ornithology for two weeks. While there, eminent cultural historians and acclaimed ornithologists will instruct them on bird-centric environmental discrimination through the ages, and inculcate a profound respect and admiration for the avian world.

When you consider the frivolities our village spends money on, this is money well spent.

Now well into my retirement, I still derive tremendous satisfaction from spotting the odd hummingbird on my afternoon walk. There is a comforting sense of accomplishment in knowing that you can see what others cannot. Why deprive the next generation of this feeling of intellectual triumph?

The beauty of birds is all around us. And once you learn more about them, your experiences with nature become so much richer.

During this lockdown, I have noticed our ecosystem responding positively to reduced human inference, and more exotic birds than ever out and about. What joy!

Alwyn Stanhope



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