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The Best And Noblest

“Salt of the Earth” was the first phrase that came to mind when I first met Tommy John Schiavoni. And as I got to know him, I realized, yes, he’s the Everyman candidate, intensely committed to public service: 32 years as a successful public school teacher, Southampton Town Board member, former vice president and Sag Harbor School Board member for years, total immersion in community education, as well as many years in the Southampton Town and North Haven Village Zoning Board of Appeals.

As a working teacher, he also got his master’s degree at Stony Brook University. Suffolk County born and raised, he represents the best and the noblest in our community.

At the Town Board, he has worked effectively to keep our local finances in great shape, while fighting for our water quality, perhaps the No. 1 issue, and working to bring affordable housing to the community. On the state level, he will continue his tireless efforts to raise funding for public education, lower taxes, and improve New York health care services and lower drug prices, in addition to his commitment to water quality in our region.

I personally know him from his volunteer work at Southampton High School, his dedication to the students, including my own son, how well he has taught them about the nature of government, how it works, and how to use it, including trips to Albany to get live-action experience that makes the subject more alive and powerful. I feel blessed to have him guide my son.

Not the least, he is a devoted father to two young children and a devoted husband to Andrea, a Family Court judge.

Tommy John is known for his great history of service, and he will represent us well with the lifetime experience, commitment and knowledge he has gained for our benefit.

Let’s vote our values. Let’s vote for Tommy John in the primary.

Rick Sobrevinas



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