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The Demise Of Civility

“Base Instincts,” the title used for Phil Keith’s usual diatribe against all things Trump [Mostly Right, Opinion, December 5] is an exercise in the very partisanship his article complains about.

He, like seemingly every Democrat and, frankly, this paper, are unable to accept the reality that Donald Trump was the duly elected president and elects to use all the powers that office constitutionally owns. It never occurs to Democrats that the demise of civility in our national politics was the result of the personal way they argue their points.

In my own experience, it never fails to rise to a personal attack on me when I openly and respectfully disagree and rebut a Democrat talking point. Democrats had grown accustomed to shaming Conservatives and Republicans in the body politic and the media for so long that they actually have grown delusional in their myopic sense of how things must be. Phil Keith must be a victim of this psychosis.

He claims to be a Republican, but to assuage his guilt, he writes his column to proclaim his redemption from some self-loathing of his more Conservative roots.

His ridiculous assumption that our congressman, Lee Zeldin, who suffers no such guilt for supporting his president, will suffer at the polls is another impotent effort to undermine any alternative to the P.C. world views of the Left. Congressman Zeldin is not a typical wallflower Republican. He has grown confident in his beliefs and the success of his party in leading this nation to great prosperity at home and as a powerful advocate for the United States and its interests abroad.

With prayers said daily by Nancy Pelosi for the president, what could we possibly have to fear?

Ed Surgan



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