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The Fastest Track

Answering the call to include the powerful science of “drawdown” in their platforms for the future, three candidates have come forward. At the debates for Southampton Town Board, two candidates highlighted that their future work would include drawdown, the most expedient way to create positive climate change. And one Trustee is telling us that drawdown approaches by stewarding coastal wetlands and salt marshes would contribute sequestering of 70 percent more carbon than land.

Because we are an agricultural and coastal community, the scope of Project Drawdown is hugely relevant to us. Sequestering, for those like me who forgot my high school science, is when land- or sea-based plants pull carbon out of the atmosphere and put it into the ground. Having drawdown focus on the town level will continue to put Southampton on the fastest track to meet carbon-neutral goals.

Candidates Ann Welker for Trustee and Craig Catalanotto and John Bouvier (who already is contributing mightily to drawdown) for the Town Board stand out from the pack as those that will lead us in using the power of the priorities of drawdown in creating a healthy environment for our future, with all of its cascading economic benefits.

To learn more about drawdown and how to be engaged, join us for introductions in November at Provisions. And the South Fork Natural History Museum on Saturday, November 2, is hosting its fifth annual “Climate Change Conversation: How you can make a difference in reversing global warming.” It will include a Drawdown Introduction To Global Warming and a panel discussion moderated by Drawdown East End.

Dorothy Reilly


Ms. Reilly is co-chair of Drawdown East End — Ed.


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