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The Final Straw

Thank you for finally calling out Lee Zeldin for his continued support of President Trump no matter what the consequences. I feel the East End press has given him very little criticism over the course of the last four years.

The fact that he has the nerve to be one of the objectors to the Electoral College and gives a speech on the floor full of lies should be the final straw.

Time to vote him out and for the press to point out the fact that our congressman is not a good representative to the district. In fact, Zeldin is worse than Trump, as he hides his agenda behind lies of being a moderate and generally seeming like a reasonable person, when he is just a Trump puppet.

We are a mixed district, mainly of moderate people, and he has his own agenda to support President Trump no matter what. Maybe he brings home the bacon, and local groups dependent on federal funding do not want to go against him, but it’s time to take off the gloves and call him out for what he is: a Trump at all costs congressman.

Time for him to leave office and not represent us by supporting Trump’s lies.

Michael Butler

Sag Harbor


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