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The Fine Print

At this point in the campaign, there can’t possibly be any voters who are following the news closely enough to read the Letters to the Editor and are also undecided.

Nonetheless, just in case there is one reader out there who hasn’t made up his or her mind, I have this question: If Lee Zeldin has a record in Congress that he’s proud of, why didn’t he disavow the ultra-rich supporters who spent so much money blanketing the district with false information?

I have received, as you probably all have, four full-color mailers, countless TV ads and a barrage of social media posts attempting to link Nancy Goroff to policies she doesn’t support. I won’t repeat all the false assertions here, but you know the ones I mean.

Who paid to fill our inboxes, voicemail and mailboxes with these messages? Not your neighbors in Congressional District 1. According to the mouse print on the mailers, they were paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Oh, that sounds like a good organization — who are they? Well, according to their own website, they are a “super PAC dedicated exclusively to one goal: winning a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.”

And who funds this super PAC? Their website doesn’t say, but according to, their top identified funders are your “neighbors” like Timothy Mellon (Saratoga, Wyoming), Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas, Nevada), Miriam Adelson (Las Vegas, Nevada), Kenneth Griffin (Chicago, Illinois), Stephen Schwarzman (New York City), Charles Schwab (San Francisco, California), and many other funders under corporate names, which often conceals the identity of the actual donors.

So, if after six years in Congress, Zeldin has a record that he’s proud of, why couldn’t he run on it and disavow these outside groups spreading inaccurate information?

Eric Rayman

Southampton Village


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