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The Future Is Hot

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, just released its latest findings on the threat posed by climate change, and the news is not good. The headline in the New York Times captures the emergency we should all feel: “A Hotter Future Is Now Inevitable, A U.N. Report Says — Scientists Urge Immediate Switch From Fossil Fuels To Avert Greater Perils.”

Pertinent to our seaside location, the IPCC states that relative sea level rise is projected to increase along most coasts (high confidence) and is associated with increased coastal flooding and erosion.

The World Resources Institute states, “The IPCC notes that the climate system will not immediately respond to carbon removal. Some impacts, such as sea level rise, will not be reversible for at least several centuries even after emissions fall.”

Thus, important mitigation efforts won’t halt ocean waters from rising for generations to come. Eastern Long Island’s hope (assuming planned retreat doesn’t occur first) is through adaptation and resiliency efforts.

The Budget Reconciliation Bill advocated by President Biden and congressional Democrats provides for a Civilian Climate Corporation, which would employ thousands of young people to work conserving public lands and waters, and who would put forth efforts to bolster community resilience and advance environmental justice.

The Democrats national plan, coupled with the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, provides a community-saving tandem necessary to plan for and act on measures to keep Eastern Long Island viable. A community that considers itself a good steward of the environment will support the passage of the Democrats’ reconciliation bill.

Mike Anthony


Mr. Anthony is a former Democratic Party chairman in Southampton Town — Ed.