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The Greatest Speech

His latest was by far the greatest speech Joseph R. Biden ever made. I use his full name because by “ever” I mean from the time he was a 29-year-old Senator, until now.

This kind of speech was long overdue; not simply because he called out Donald Trump — not by his name, as that was not as important as the position he held, but also because, as a man well aware of the times we are in, President Biden sees the situation from a panoramic world view as only presidents can. This is what years ago Richard Neustadt, John Kennedy’s political advisor, had said: only the president of the United States has a singular bird’s eye view of the whole country.

When Biden spoke about China and Russia waiting to see in which direction our country goes — continue its glorious tradition of American democracy, or goaded by Trump, go the Russian or the Chinese way where the state or a dictator rules. Our president is acutely aware.

My chest inflated with pride when he said, “I did not seek this fight, but I will defend our democracy till …”

Please, let’s heed Joe Biden’s words. For too long, we have been witnessing him trying to work with both Republicans and Democrats (“For those of you who did not vote for me, I am also president”). But now, for him, enough was enough. He stood up, looked straight forward, and destroyed Donald Trump.

Beware the fury of a patient man.

Shivaji Sengupta