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The Missing Story

I’ve found myself exhausted lately as the election is coming to its conclusion shortly. It is clear from the mainstream media that for the president to win reelection it will be against great headwinds.

Of late, hundreds of millions of dollars of new money has been dumped into key races. The Democrats have become the party of the wealthy, rich elites who know what is best for us and are desperate to run our lives for us.

They tell us how to avoid COVID-19. How to teach our kids mostly at home. They remind us how our climate is changing and how America isn’t doing enough to stop it. They want to re-educate all of us on the racist nature of the American people and the need to restrain real police work if it means preserving a civil society. They want to open our borders to those who have less than we do, so we can all be the same.

I like immigrants. I also like knowing how many guests we have and where they are from. Democrats don’t want me to know this.

The man Democrats have selected to save us all from Donald Trump is pretty old. When I watch him speak, he loses his place. It turns out he has been in or running for office for 47 years. He must be very wise to have survived such a difficult profession for so long. I’m sure he has many accomplishments to share with us from such a long and distinguished career.

Oh, not so many?

Well, anyway, he must be better than that awful Trump. He is honest as the day is long. He is a friend of the working guy.

But, wait, he has been accused of selling his office. His son has made many millions of dollars, and so have other family members, with only the Biden name to sell.

If you weren’t paying attention recently, you probably didn’t get this story from your NBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC or CNN news, or, for that matter, on Facebook or Twitter (not my style, anyway), because they refused to share it with you.

I lucked out — I take a peek at the New York Post occasionally, admittedly a “tabloid” — but I’m afraid if this story will not go away what will Democrats do? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Ed Surgan



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