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The Moderate Way

For the past eight years, some Americans have become infatuated with the notion that unhinged, extreme people have something to offer the American political system. Some voters have believed that these politicians, full of anger and scare tactics, would shake up the system and the changes they promise would make everything better.

It appears that these same voters are waking up and realizing that is not true at all. Unhinged people are exactly that: unhinged. They make a mess. They promote havoc and create chaos. They solve nothing and generally create problems.

The choice that New York voters from the 3rd Congressional District made last Tuesday, to elect Tom Suozzi to Congress and reject Mazi Pilip, indicated exactly that. Voters chose a moderate, sane, reasonable person whose vision was to protect the American way and the American Constitution.

They rejected the extremist, Pilip, who felt that somehow yelling about immigration would get voters’ attention and their votes. Well, she did get a lot of votes, that’s for sure, but not enough.

Could it be that some Americans have finally figured out that the Trump screamers spewing vitriol are creating nothing and destroying everything, and they create obstacles and not solutions?

Moderates who are willing to compromise and find reasonable solutions are the ones who will really keep us safe. Those who are balanced in their communications and positions are really what our American system needs now and for this unpredictable future.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village