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The Obscene Truth

It is striking how the Biden administration is starting to unravel. Since the election, Americans have witnessed a steady erosion of American interests as the Democrats and their progressive agenda have emasculated our country.

We were energy independent after decades of subservience to the oil cartel led by open enemies of the United States. Now we have cut off our oil production, initiated the rise in gasoline prices, and, in effect, levied a tax on all working Americans while enriching our enemies (Russia and Iran).

The previous administration had finally managed to stem the tide of wholesale illegal immigration from our southern border, and the message had been heard south of our border that we were serious about it. Today, the Biden policy is, there is no policy; we will excuse any and all who chose to invade our southern border with or without our permission. At the rate of 200,000 a month, we are being deluged with undocumented people, and we have no way of knowing what previous lives they have led. They come to us sick, with or without COVID-19, with criminal, gang or even terrorist affiliations.

The American citizen taxpayers is being completely ignored in our outrage at this insanity.

President Biden has implemented a decision President Trump had previously come to, the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This decision is not wrong.

We have made the same mistake we made in Vietnam and Iraq, attempting to impose a Western-style democracy on a tribal and primitive country. Unfortunately, like our departure from Saigon, chaos has ensued from the failed exit planning of the Biden State Department. There are thousands of Americans now trapped in Taliban-controlled territory that are potential hostages due to the incompetency of Biden exit planning. We may well be in for something similar to the Iran hostage debacle on a tenfold scale. This was not the fault of our military, who warned of the difficulty extracting our people in a safe way.

For myself, the obscene truth is that our present government needs to be recalled. The ineptness, the self delusion, the incompetence is in this instance deserving of an impeachment proceeding, unlike the charade the Democrats perpetrated on the American public over Trump competency.

Let’s compare the substance of the allegations that Trump was accused of, being a Russian stooge (which was proven baseless), with the performance of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Trump was pilloried for his reset of our international relationships. He was maligned for being rude to our allies and confrontational with our adversaries.

Well, now our allies can plainly see how ineffectual we are, and so have our enemies.

Ed Surgan