The Rabbit Hole - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 1810145

The Rabbit Hole

Did you ever find yourself going down the rabbit’s hole? To begin asking questions that lead you down the path of more discovery? This discovery could potentially be mind boggling.

Sometimes those you seek answers from don’t want to be forthright. It’s fine to be tight-lipped. But when someone tells you “no,” it just might be an inference that you just might be right.

That’s why it’s good to know that more than one path can take you down the road for the answers you seek. If we had no need for questions, we wouldn’t be here.

Eight years, no senior center.

Six years, no tower turned on in Springs.

Four years, a road blocked.

Two years sitting on hands.

November 2, a time to make a change.

Walles, Aman, Karpinski. We are the community, and as always the tides are changing.

Joseph Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines — Ed.