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The Real Nightmare

Ed Surgan writes to castigate “no fewer than three Democrats” for being too emotional in their views — and The Press for creating a “Progressive nightmare” by publishing their letters [“My Fellow Americans,” Letters, Eastern Edition, August 1]. This, from the prolific writer of lip-trembling, eye-tearing, breast-beating, soul-baring, mortifyingly gushing love letters to his hero without parallel, Donald J. Trump.

In my view, it is crowd-ranting cheerleaders like Mr. Surgan who regularly pull out their pompoms and shake them for the fascist they put in office, and whose lies they endorse and publicize, that constitute a real nightmare — and one that extends far beyond opinion.

Mr. Trump is worse than a “collaborator with the world’s worst leaders.” He is a sycophantic, degenerate, ignorant and corrupt enabler of them who has made the country a source of ridicule by his actions and stupid rationalizations. And he has put us at grave risk.

Mr. Surgan seems to conflate himself with the presidency by addressing readers of this paper as “my fellow Americans.” Like his heinous hero, he is running (at the mouth) on anti-abortion and accusing someone of a different view of “incredible hostility … and an unbridled attack on people of conscience … and hatred of Catholics and those who revere the Bible.”

His Beloved Leader, the former Studio 54 libertine, locker-mouth, whore-mongering perpetrator of the Roy Cohn School of Ethics, trumpets the Religious Right’s position on abortion to gain votes. Mr. Surgan faithfully follows, with accusations of “murder of the unborn,” etc., etc., while claiming to have “no claim to a strong religious belief” and doesn’t condemn faith “unless it invokes fanaticism and a disregard for human life” — which he accuses someone of an opposing position of espousing.

Rather than columnist Anthony Brandt, whom Mr. Surgan is smearing, it is his Beacon of Love, Donald Trump, who is dehumanizing the world and its citizens, especially if they live in Africa, Baltimore or Puerto Rico, or fall below the poverty line in “Make America Great Again.”

And no, Mr. Surgan: America is not ruled by the “will of its citizens”; it is ruled by law. And the law is what Trump defiles, ignores, weakens, corrupts and tramples on — and has attacked every day he has been in office.

It is not columnist Phil Keith, who is not a fancier of Mr. Trump, and whose views I often don’t agree with, who is “myopic,” but a besotted, belligerent populace who choose to chant and defile, and ignore the complexity of the world as it is now, in order to follow a con man who defecates on them, and on a golden toilet seat, as well as on the country they claim to love and will defend to the death.

Wake up!

Frances GenoveseSouthampton


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