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The Real Problem

Last week, I wrote about the road drainage problem on Mohawk Avenue in Water Mill [“Promises Not Kept,” Letters,, April 29]. The sides of the roads were built up so that all of the road runoff is not allowed to get into the grass.

I went down there again over the weekend, and there were freshly posted pesticide application signs. It rained quite nicely over the weekend, and all of the pendimethalin, a pre-emergent broad leaf weed killer, was dispensed into the waters of Mecox Bay.

The Town Trustees have no input with the Highway Department policies with this road drainage issue, and the highway department has zero mentality for sensitive environmental issues, otherwise this would not be happening.

Like one of my colleagues at Southampton College of Long Island University wrote on the blackboard in the Natural Science building in 1979: “G-d save me, I’m a scientist.” So here I am, telling it to the wind.

One more thing: The problem with Agawam — a pond, not a lake — is on the land, not in the water. How many tons of pendemethlin are applied within the Agawam watershed? Has anyone read the material safety data sheet? It says: “Do not use around water bodies.”

’Nuff said.

Stephen Storch

Water Mill


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