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The Real Threat

The Real ThreatAnthony Brandt is a pompous fool.

The real prejudice to be gleaned from his “Out of Left Field “ column [“The Curse Upon This Country,” Opinion, August 15] is his hatred of this country and its founders. He paints racial condemnation with the broad brush of a Progressive fanatic … little room for an alternative viewpoint to his lofty perspective from the far left. Just the sanctimonious sermon spewed out of his derrière.

It is just another insult produced by the editors of The Press and served like rotten, spoiled leftovers to your Conservative readership. You really must detest us so.

It is an obscenity to have to be made to feel apologetic about being a white male in these times. I reject the Progressive campaign on maleness, on erasing our history, and substituting their alternative realities to teach our children in our schools and universities. I dismiss the charge of racism as commonplace, and white supremacists as real threat to our nation, but I am outraged by Progressive thugs beating a man in Portland, Oregon, in public view without a police arrest. Antifa is the militant, mutant product of the real fascism to be feared. They deploy the bootstrap justice of the Politically Correct.

If Mr. Brandt wants to opine about the real threat of our times, he should examine the leadership running the largest businesses in our country. I fear the threat of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, NBC, CBS, etc., that control free speech and shape what we see every day.

Alternatively, do any of you, including Mr. Brandt, actually personally know a white supremacist? Most likely not … because there are incredibly few of them. A minute fraction of our population. It is therefore an effective tactic to take all Republicans and to rebuke them as being supremacists or sympathetic to them.

Anthony Brandt is a coward hiding under his hat and beard. We the readers of The Press deserve better.

Ed SurganWesthampton


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