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The Real Threat

There are rumors that our country is on the brink of civil war and democracy is in danger of extinction. This proclamation has nothing to do with the facts. Our two-party system is old and needs change, no matter what side you are on.

This change can be done without strife. All it takes is for all adults to consider their youngest children’s wishes. They come with no history. However, there is a price: you have to give up anger and hate.

We have been one of the most advanced societies known to man. Yet, we are all slaves, some more than others. Think about what controls you; few of us live without something that constrains our lives. If you believe that, you should have empathy for everyone you meet.

Countries and citizens fight — this has been the norm. But now we don’t live in an ordinary world. If we continue as in the past, everything will come down around us. So it doesn’t matter which side you’re on; we will all perish.

Now we all must face the real threat that will affect all countries, democracies and totalitarian regimes. The wrath of Mother Nature or G-d. Everything that has happened is a warning that the world is close to ending as we know it.

I used to write “for the future of our children.” Now I am writing for our future. That was only one year ago.

We still have time to correct this situation. But it will take all our effort.

Gerald Rosengarten