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The Real Truth

I was reading through this week’s edition at, and a portion of a statement I read — “We’re teaching our children it’s okay to be mean” [“Who’s Grooming Who?” Vistas, Opinion, May 5] — gripped me and halted me to stop and ponder.

Are we teaching our children to be mean? Has a lie become the truth and the truth become a lie?

Does CRT not stand for Critical Race Theory but instead another “Coverup Reality Tactic”?

Hanging, mutilating and burning human beings alive is really what you want to erase? A group of people cleverly and strategically deemed human beings as property of another human to actually carry out the lynching and murdering under a law that made this legal. I say, what kind of evil is that? It’s definitely critical, I will agree on that.

Is it a “color” issue or is it an “economic” issue? Or a combination of both? The bottom line is, what kind of evil is it that a man would bring his family all dressed up in their Sunday best to a horrific celebratory-style event to openly display the torture and inhumane treatment of another human being? While on the other side of the tree, a family views the painful, mournful eyes of the silent cries of terror, as they were commanded and forced to attend the “party,” witnessing their husbands, fathers, brothers and family members as the last blood of life flows down to their feet.

These appalling murders are proudly depicted in a real picture taken, like today’s Instagram, titled “The Family Affair.” Please feel free to Google it.

So did we not see this “mean,” ungodly, immoral behavior rise up again about five years ago? We are still seeing the seemingly endless evidence, even this week.

The inspiring truth of the matter is, I’ve seen and heard several people now coming out to speak to the confession of truth of the advantage and privilege they have been allotted because of the color (pigment) of their skin. Others would dare not to ever look that way, because to them it is an inheritance that is earned and deserved. And how dare you question or expect us to share our riches and wealth! You people should just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and work!

The elephant in the room is that most were stripped naked and not given the boots or the straps, and instead were forced to work for free. That fundamentally and truthfully established the wealth of these United States of America. The real truth. Not a lie.

I believe there is hope in a people with sincere forgiveness and kind hearts. We, together, can truly enrich the consciousness of this country.

Brenda Simmons

Southampton Village