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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2014712

The Red Zone

Paula Angelone, Ph.D. [“Enablers Of Violence,” Letters, August 18], and Andrea Klausner, Esq. [“Not Watergate,” Letters, August 18], both have something I don’t: three letters after their name.

I may not be a doctor or lawyer, but may I humbly offer my diagnosis of the condition so many like them suffer from. “TDS,” better known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, has contaminated their obviously superior intellects. Despising Republicans led by a man they at first totally underestimated, they then pursued his removal by use of false narratives created in the intelligence community and the FBI. This hoax, “Russian Collusion,” was embraced by a willing press and media anxious to atone for giving Trump so much coverage that he got elected.

When Democrats retook the House in the midterm elections in 2018, it gave them a platform to investigate more baseless charges from which to start impeachment proceedings. Even a special prosecutor, after years of digging, found no actionable offenses.

Nancy Pelosi tried using every means at her disposal to twice build a case that the sitting president was unfit. They failed. Then COVID became the next vehicle to discredit Trump. His triumph at getting all of us a vaccine was ridiculed by Joe Biden. He stated that the vaccine was dangerous because it had been developed too soon to trust. Of course, after his election, he was the first to take it. Remember?

So then Trump was vilified for criticizing the Dr. Anthony Fauci/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shutdowns, mask and vaccination mandates. Flash-forward: The CDC just admitted it got way too much wrong and, by coincidence, Trump was far more prescient. To wit, President Biden has presided over more COVID deaths in his short term than the previous administration, which the media pundits criticized for being contrarian.

We just witnessed an unprecedented raid on a former president’s home by heavily armed representatives of the Department of Justice. It had the tone of a raid on an organized crime family. Was it necessary? Time will tell. But the optics of it should embarrass every American. Even those two individuals who seem tone-deaf to the anger that my fellow Conservatives and Republicans have with the Democratic inquisition that has held our country hostage for six years.

The accusations of violence, hate and lawlessness toward Trump supporters and, frankly, anyone who doesn’t support a left-wing agenda are laughable in their hypocrisy. The right has a high boiling point that the left thinks has no limit. But we are approaching, if not already in, that red zone.

More repression, more government harassment of the individual, speech, and our Constitution will split this country irrevocably. January 6 was a warning that regular Americans are losing faith, and not blind.

Ed Surgan