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The Right Leadership

I’ve been noticing a lot of familial letters, and thought I’d follow suit with my own perspective.

My brother, Joseph McLoughlin, is running for trustee of Southampton Village. Throughout his life, Joseph has overcome great adversity with grace and compassion. Having been born premature, he has lived with the limitations of being handicapped. While he may have physical difficulties, he has overcome these challenges and never let them stop him from achieving his life goals. His mind is incredibly sharp, and his passion is unparalleled.

Like some of the other candidates for trustee, Joseph is a lifelong resident of Southampton Village, leaving only briefly to attend Iona College.

Throughout his life, he has witnessed immense change in our community: farm fields plowed into developments, summer bungalows transformed into McMansions, historic homes demolished, storefronts and businesses that had been passed down through generations (i.e. Lillywhite’s, Herbert’s, the Five-and-Dime) replaced by corporate retailers, all seemingly overnight. Many storefronts remaining vacant for good. All to the benefit of a few, at the cost of a prized way of life for many residents, visitors and future generations.

Our village shouldn’t be treated as a commodity. The price we pay for short-sighted decisions and personal greed equates to a loss in the character and charm of this special place. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

You don’t need to live in Southampton Village for long to witness this transformation — it’s continuous and, if anything, it’s accelerating without buy-in from residents. Many aspects of the village cannot be brought back or replaced, but with the right leadership, what remains can be preserved and improved.

Joseph’s dedication is unmatched — he is 100 percent committed to serving the people of Southampton. He attends meetings, he listens, he asks questions, he does his homework and, unlike many others, Joseph doesn’t owe anyone any favors. He has no hidden agenda or incentive driving his pursuit for trustee. He is honest and has strong values that are in line with preserving the harmonious character and betterment of Southampton Village.

If you care for and value this special place, please consider voting for someone who does too.

Fallon McLoughlin



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