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The Right Side

To my friends and neighbors in Suffolk County, I’m writing this letter to support Nick LaLota, who is running to represent us in the U.S. Congress from our District 1.

I have had the privilege to know Nick and follow his career. I have been consistently impressed by his intelligence, work ethic and common sense.

Suffolk County residents are under high pressure right now. Mortgage rates have soared. Our retirement accounts have dropped. We are now three years behind where we were for our own life plans.

An 8 percent rise in inflation, which Democrats have given us, essentially means we all received an 8 percent pay cut this year. Let’s not reward that by electing another Democrat.

Our national debt, announced just today, has risen to a staggering $31 trillion, the highest ever by far. In just two years, the current Democrats in Congress and the White House have saddled us with record debt, which we need to pay back at now double the interest rate. Worse, that is more debt in just two years than any other president/Congress ever.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that rampant deficit spending is what fuels inflation.

The last thing Suffolk County and the United States needs is another far left, tax-and-spend Democrat like Bridget Fleming. She will rubber stamp the destructive policy proposals of the current “regressive” Democrats.

I support Republican candidate Nick LaLota for Congress on Election Day, November 8. Nick LaLota will bring common sense to Washington, D.C., and help Suffolk County.

Rose Jennings