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The Simple Truth

It is unfortunate that mayoral candidate Jim Larocca has made a conscious and politically motivated decision to make Bay Street Theater’s proposal to remain in Sag Harbor his campaign focus.

In a recent ad, he told voters he will prevent Bay Street from moving forward with its relocation plans. For a number of reasons, the counterproposal he sets forth is not viable.

Mr. Larocca’s position would effectively force Bay Street Theater out of Sag Harbor, after 30 years of adding to the economic lifeblood of the village, while serving as a cultural and educational cornerstone for the entire East End community.

Members of the community need to understand that Mr. Larocca’s proposal is not realistic, disregards the real property constraints, and does not recognize the urgency of Bay Street Theater’s need to build a new home. The theater’s current lease expires in two years, and the simple truth is that there is no other property in the village with the necessary dimensions to accommodate the needs of a professional theater.

We remain committed to ongoing community dialogue and multiple reviews of the theater’s plans, as required by the Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review and other boards. We intend to be responsive with respect to those plans to build at 22 West Water Street, the site that is now owned by Friends of Bay Street.

Our preference is to remain in Sag Harbor. But, if opposed, we’ll have no choice but to seek a new home in a community that embraces Bay Street’s mission and recognizes its contributions.

Steven Todrys


Board of Trustees

Tracy Mitchell

Executive Director

Steve Hamilton


Bay Street Theater