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The Worst Place

I am a resident of Wildwood Road and a board member of the Noyac Civic Council advocating for quality-of-life issues in our hamlet. We have learned of a new proposal to build a cell tower at 30 Club Lane, which is a residential community.

The majority of residents on Club Lane and surrounding neighborhoods of Wildwood Road, Millstone Road, Kelly’s Path, Litho Path, Wilmar Drive, Oak Lane, Maple Lane and Dogwood Avenue are vehemently opposed to a cell tower being built here.

It’s not that I am against cell towers in principle, and I fully understand the necessity of improved cell service in areas that are true dead zones. Here are the reasons why 30 Club Lane is the worst possible place to consider a cell tower:

Current zoning laws prohibit cell towers to be built in residential neighborhoods, unless they can prove that dead zones exist in the proposed area. Since dead zones don’t exist here or in the surrounding area of the proposed location at 30 Club Lane, why choose this location? This is where the town trucks are kept and sits on a sandpit directly above our aquifer that supplies water to the entire area, not just our neighborhood.

A tower such as the one proposed would be towering over homes, considered a blight on views and sightlines, and diminishing property values considerably, by as much as 25 percent.

There is only one way in and out of 30 Club Lane, which would create more hazardous traffic and environmental risks. Cell towers require generators and need monthly servicing; this will likely expose these residential streets and land to additional diesel fuel trucks and traffic.

The residents and NCC are opposed to this location and have organized to block the filing by SBA Communications to receive an exemption and permit to conduct a balloon test of the 5G tower they wish to put up.

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman states that we have a real problem with dead zones along Noyac Road [“Town Board Considers Bid For Cell Tower In Noyac,”, November 3]. I agree — and, to repeat, cell service does not drop along Noyac Road at Wildwood Road, Club Lane, Millstone Road, Kellys Path and Old Noyac Road. Ask anyone who lives or drives through these locations.

Let’s remember why we live here. We are surrounded by nature, wetlands, and the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge, home to many migratory and endangered species of birds and animals. A 5G tower poses threats to safety, security and quality of life, including our surrounding environment and wildlife, not just humans.

Tell Town Supervisor Schneiderman to take 30 Club Lane off the table. Together, we can do what we cannot alone. We are all connected.

Sharon Bakes



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