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There’s No Proof

Once again, Fred Thiele Jr. gets it wrong. He cannot back up his claims with facts — no statistics, no substance. Just what he thinks, and that stinks for New Yorkers.

There is no proof to trust the Green Light Law [“‘Green Light’ Proponents Say Law Is Working As Hoped, And Long Lines At The DMV Are Proof,”, February 4]. The proof of its success — long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles — is foolish.

We have illegal aliens driving illegally, so the Green Light legislation will fix this problem? It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Fred’s recent claim that it is working, and the only problem is long lines, is proof that he is out of touch.

The Green Light Law has yet to prove anything at this time, other than trouble. The problems of long lines at the DMV is the start, and, yes, New Yorkers are frozen out of programs allowing travelers to get through airport security faster. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security won’t admit any new members from New York to most of its Trusted Travel Programs; this includes Global Entry, which prescreens travelers to allow them a shorter time in security checkpoints for air, land and sea travel.

Our agencies are not working with each other, and the issue is the lack of information sharing, which was a key finding of the 9-11 Commissioner’s Report. New York State has endangered our national security. Federal officials blame part of the New York State’s new radical Green Light Law that allows illegal immigrants without proper documentation to obtain a driver’s license that can’t be used for “federal purposes” as the reason. The New York law is different from other states, as it goes overboard as it denies DMV records to Homeland Security without a court order.

In due time, we can judge the impact of the Green Light Law, as there could be vast impact with increases in fraud, increases in the cycle of dependency, increases in trafficking (narcotics and humans), along with the undocumented drivers fleeing New York to leave their DMV troubles behind to return to their home county. When you have people who already demonstrated a willingness to violate our laws, expect more of the same.

Both Andrew Cuomo and Fred Thiele are going out of their way to make it difficult for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to do its job protecting people. Citizens of all nations, including those of United States of America.

The spin is in, and the outcome has yet to prove itself. So be honest, Fred, not stupid.

Gerry Loesch

Hampton Bays


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