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They Are Chumps

The exposure this week of the texts sent by Fox News “journalists” to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the day of the January 6 insurrection was stunning. The likes of Laura Ingraham realized what was unfolding and wrote that these were Trump supporters and that then-President Donald Trump had to stop them.

Yet later that day on Fox News, the authors of those same texts told their viewers a very different story. They spun the truth of what they were seeing and saying earlier in the day and “reported” about Antifa and other distorted explanations of the event.

The revelation of this hypocrisy clarified what everyone with any kind of common sense knows: Fox News is not a “news” organization at all. Fox anchors offer distorted opinions in favor of Donald Trump and his minions and masquerade it as “news.”

Unfortunately, this sham is not understood by the millions of viewers who believe in what they’re watching on television — that Fox News is actually news and not opinions. That it is based on fact, not distortions. Chumps is what they are. The viewers are being manipulated by grifters, and they seem to not have a clue.

It’s easy to write off these viewers as duped, and mock them as gullible, but the problem is, they go out in the world making real-life decisions based on what they hear on Fox News. They smash police officers with poles, break down windows, refuse to accept free election results and, in many cases, they don’t get vaccinated.

Isn’t it time that the lies on a major “news” station are addressed? Fox’s own reputable journalists have all but left in disgust. How many more times do we have to witness the violence and damage that occurs as a direct result of misinformation, which Fox has the audacity to call “news,” before we sane and reasonable people say “enough”? We need to raise our voices to insist that our government create laws regulating that opinions should be portrayed as exactly that — and the average viewer, with his/her seventh grade reading level, should not be misled.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village